9 Places That Will Show You a Whole Different Side of Dubai

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For years now, Dubai has been famous for its luxurious shopping malls, dazzling skyscrapers, and man-made floating island that is home to some of the richest people in the world. However, inspite of its popularity, there are a bunch of offbeat locations in Dubai that are attracting a certain set of travellers who distance themselves from the glamorous avatar of this jewel in the middle-east.

So, what does Dubai offer apart from its ultra-luxurious spread of options?

1. Bur Dubai

To start with, go back in time and explore the antique avatar of this modern city, which is also its historical centre. Bur Dubai, which is located on the western side of the creek, is an old part of Dubai. If you are a history buff and want to put some effort into understanding the history of this place, visiting the grand old Bur Dubai is a must! Don’t forget to stroll in the historic neighbourhood of Al Bastakiya on a winter evening and get a sense of UAE’s culture while relishing the aromatic coffee.

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2. Boardwalk at Dubai Water Canal

Away from the glitz and glamour of Dubai’s shopping streets and towering skyscrapers, this place lets you enjoy the cityscape from a distance. Take a stroll on this boardwalk on a pleasant evening while being flanked by Dubai’s glittering skyline and don’t forget to catch a beautiful sunset while you are at it.

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3. Al Karama

Another jewel in old Dubai is the Al Karama shopping district. Apart from being famous for its traditional fashion and accessories, Al Karama is famous for its fish market and Sheesha Bars. It’s also famous for the Shawarma Rolls and bakeries that line up alongside the Sheesha Bars in the old part of the city.   

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4. Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is an inland salt-water body in the old part of the city. It’s famous for watching the sunrise and listening to the unlikely quiet. The creek divided the city into two main sections in the olden days – Bur Dubai & Deira. You can spot various towers on either of the creeks while enjoying a smooth boat ride in the pleasant waters of the creek.

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5. Sand Dune Bashing

Dubai is the perfect place to host travellers who are adventure junkies. While it may be a great place to be for shoppers, the city has some spots reserved for adrenaline-seeking travellers. Amongst many adventure sports, Sand Dune Bashing is the most popular sport in Dubai. It feels like a roller coaster ride when you sit in an SUV and it takes you for a ride in the Arabian Desert.

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6. Al Fahidi            

Al Fahidi is a historic neighbourhood close to Bur Dubai, famous for its Al Bastakiya Quarters. There are houses made out of black stone which decorate the enchanting streets. If you are looking to go souvenir shopping, then this is the place to be. Amongst the many offbeat locations in Dubai, Al Fahidi stands out due to its historical significance and the traditional touch. While you are here, don’t forget to try the local breakfast dishes such as Balaleat.

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7. Dubai Coffee Museum 

Visiting Dubai and not tasting the authentic coffee is like coming to Mumbai and not eating at an Irani Café. Located in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood, this museum lets you enjoy various types of coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. Not only that, but you can also speak coffee experts who guide you through the many steps and processes that are carried out to make coffee.

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8. D3

Dubai’s Design District or commonly called as D3 is a mecca for art lovers to explore various art scenes in Dubai. Huge galleries and exhibition of street art deck up this place which is favoured by a lot of art & design community globally.

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9. Meydan

Horse racing season in Dubai is a grand affair and Meydan plays the perfect host to all the racing events throughout the year. From entertainment to dining, everything is taken care of at any horse racing event in the city. You can also watch these magnificent animals behind the scenes.

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Many such locations in Dubai are specifically for a traveller who wants to avoid spending money on the swanky malls and luxurious hotels. So, if you would like to spend hours strolling on the streets in search of local flavours or spend time chit-chatting with locals over a cup of coffee, then the above offbeat locations in Dubai will surely enchant you.

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