Camping near Mumbai: 10 Locations to help you Get Away From Bustle of Mumbai

As the outskirts of Mumbai start getting cooler, adventure and nature enthusiasts think about camping near Mumbai to satiate the nomad in them. The camping culture has seen a surge in recent years but it’s yet to become popular amongst the masses. However, it’s a great sign for those who seek solace in nature and these offbeat camping locations near Mumbai are offering them tranquillity and adventure in their quaint tents.

Here’s a look at this beautiful location that becomes a home to travellers in Mumbai looking for a quick escape from the city’s chaos.

Camping near Mumbai: Within 50 km


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What can be better than a camping trip in the Western Ghats? Prabalmachi camping is frequented by trekkers because it serves as a gateway to Kalivantan Durg and Prabalgad. The former is a 2250 ft summit in the Western Ghats and the latter is a 15th-century fort at an elevated height of 2300 ft. The route is a paradise for shutterbugs as they will encounter unique flora and fauna. Highly recommended for all those who want to camp under starry skies.

Distance: 47 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pandharpur Road/Mumbai – Pune Highway.


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Touted as a monsoon camping experience, the area is a mix of wildlife, nature and history. The camping area is close to Karnala bird sanctuary. Bird watchers and photographers can see birds such as Tailor Bird, White Spotted Fantail, White-throated Kingfisher etc. If you are planning to come just to witness migratory birds, it will be satisfactory if you visit sometime between October- April. Hiking to the 14th century Karnala fort will take you on a trail through the bird sanctuary and dense forest. The surrounding area is engulfed in mist and clouds during monsoon, thus making it one of the best camping places near Mumbai.

Distance: 49 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway

Camping near Mumbai: Within 100 km


With an idyllic and serene environment, Vasind offers a lot to travelers apart from camping. The campsite site is on the banks of a river which means you can experience river rafting and kayaking too. For those who love trekking, you can also trek to Mahuli Fort and enjoy the wilderness en route. Vasind is at a convenient distance from Mumbai and connected by rail and road. It’s advisable to skip camping during summers!

Distance: 63.2 km
Route: Eastern Express Highway/Mumbai – Agra National Highway and NH 160

Camping near Mumbai
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Bhatsa Dam

Camping places near Mumbai offer a much-needed getaway for all those who want to witness a magnificent view. One such location is the Bhatsa Dam which is at a distance of 93 km from Mumbai. It’s an ideal location for overnight camping under a blanket of stars. Swimming, fishing, and boat riding are some of the activities you can indulge in at the campsite. You can also experience nature trails conducted by the campsite organizers.

Distance: 93 km
Route: NH 160

Camping near Mumbai
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Shirota Lake

Won’t you enjoy waking up in your tent to the view of a lake with the backdrop of hills overlooking it? That’s exactly what you get when you camp at Shirota Lake. It’s one of the highly recommended offbeat locations for camping near Mumbai, mainly for its beautiful landscape and the serene campsite on the banks of the lake. People who enjoy bird watching can have a wonderful experience spotting and clicking their tiny feathered friends. You can also trek to a nearby hill to get a panoramic view of the lake and its surrounding.

Distance: 90.3 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pandharpur Road/Mumbai – Pune Highway

Shirota lake
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Camping places near Mumbai: Within 150 km

Shirgaon Beach

Camping near Mumbai is something so magical that writing about it alone can’t justify its beauty! Imagine having endless conversations with your loved ones, with the gentle waves at night creating soothing melodies accompanied by an occasional zephyr and the rustling leaves. Located at a two-hour drive from Mumbai, the campsite offers travelers everything from camel rides to ATV bike rides. You can also swim or spend hours gazing at the endless beauty of the night sky.

Distance: 116 km
Route: NH 48

Shirgaon Beach
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Tikona Fort Camping

Located in the hills near Lonavala, camping at Tikona Fort is famous for its unobstructed view of the Sahyadri Range. The chaos of Lonavala seems far away when you spend quality time here surrounded by a calm and serene environment. Most of the campsites are at the foothills of the Tikona Fort which is considered to be one of the wonders of the Sahyadris.

Distance: 121 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pandharpur Road/Mumbai – Pune Highway

Tikona fort
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Pawna Lake

If you want to go lakeside camping near Mumbai and relax while you swim in the lake for leisure, then Pawna is the place to be. It’s not a very offbeat location but you can ditch the many touristy locations near Mumbai for this one. It’s a perfect campsite for a family get-together or company off-sites. However, if the adrenaline suddenly kicks in, you can enjoy trekking to the Tikona Fort nearby.

Distance: 117 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pandharpur Road/Mumbai – Pune Highway

Camping near Mumbai
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Best camping spots Within 300 km

Dhom Dam Camping

Located close to Wai, Dhom Dam is one of the most beautiful offbeat locations for camping near Mumbai. As compared to the other campsites, Dhom Dam is further away from Mumbai city and is thus less frequented by travelers. Sahyadri Camping is one of the organizers here and offers camping services at an affordable cost. The famous hill stations – Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, are nearby and can be reached by state transport buses or your own vehicle. The town of Wai is famous for its Ganesh temple and houses built during the rule of Peshwas.

Distance: 240 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pune Highway and NH 48

Dhom Dam
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Camping experience at Tapola is a blend of beauty and adventure. You can enjoy a lakeside camping experience while you capture the picturesque hills surrounding the lake of this quaint hamlet. Known as Mini Kashmir, this is where you can unwind yourself amidst untouched natural beauty tucked away from the city life. If you are feeling adventurous, be a part of jungle treks and Kayaking activities which is something you will never get in Mumbai. Camping at Tapola is recommended for history buffs if they want to explore ancient forts in the dense forests.

Distance: 289 km
Route: Bengaluru – Mumbai Highway/Mumbai Highway/Mumbai – Pune Highway and NH 48

Winter is just around the corner and you must experience it in its finest form by spending a weekend at one of the campsites. But remember, these campsites are surrounded by natural resources, so leave the urban chaos behind and relax in the lap of nature. Camping near Mumbai is for all those who want to be surrounded by a natural environment and its unfiltered offerings!