Who Rule The World! 6 Female Travel Bloggers To Keep Your Wanderlust High!

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow” – Anita Desai 

Despite being a necessity, traveling for most of us is a luxury. We’re so locked in our concrete jungles, abiding by hectic schedules and an exhausting lifestyle that whenever we do travel, we do so to escape. However, there are some fortunate and brave among st us for whom traveling is a lifestyle. They find beauty in the unpredictable and embrace the challenging possibilities of a new day. This Women’s Day, we are celebrating seven amazing women who live life on the road. Their passion for traveling is inspiring and bewitching, their hunger for adventure is more than ours. These female bloggers have been teasing and transfixing us with remarkable locations, to the extent that their photos transport us to a different part of this world. Here are 6 inspirational female travel bloggers you need to follow on Instagram! 

Angelica Blick (@angelicablick) 

One of the leading figures in the industry, Angelica Blick travels to the corners of the world and effortlessly shows off her incredible fashion sense and her impeccable eye for spotting the best locations to photograph. Angelica has been extremely vocal about her need for traveling and has been a firm advocate of embracing the wanderlust. Follow her on Instagram to experience the exquisite places this world has to offer! In photo – Angelica in Portofino, Italy. 

Shivya Nath (@shivya) 

An avid traveler and a vegan, Shivya Nath is the epitome of a fierce spirit that does not live by the standard rules. She is always exploring the rural parts of India and with her traveling, she often voices her thoughts on the plight of rural India. She has been featured on reputed sites like BBC, NatGeo, and the Washington Post. Her book ‘The Shooting Star’ is a must read for those who want to see the world from a different perspective. In photo – Shivya’s beautiful makeshift workspace in Tamil Nadu. 

Akanksha Redhu (@akanksharedhu) 

One of the most popular Indian influencers on Instagram, Akanksha’s Instagram feed is a heady combination of gorgeous locations and an elegant fashion sense. She often collaborates with luxury brands and flaunts them in bewitching locations of this world. Exploring her Instagram account causes a serious craving for wanderlust, so beware, explore at your discretion! In photo – Akanksha nurses a chilled glass of beer in Maldives.

Carin Olsson (@parisinfourmonths) 

Capturing the picturesque Paris has been done before by thousands of photographers and bloggers, however, what separates Carin from the rest is her unique take on the French capital’s urban side. Showcasing the brilliance of Parisian architecture, Carin Olsson essentially used to cater to a niche crowd, but now she’s exploring the rest of Europe as well. Follow her to experience Paris in all its glory! In photo – Carin showcasing the crafty brilliance of a French building. 

Shraddha (@thesassypilgrim) 

Having experienced 28 countries so far, Shraddha has countless stories to tell, which she does so beautifully through her Instagram feed. Showcasing her mind-blowing outfits as she poses at enchanting locations of this planet, ‘thesassypilgrim’ is a popular name within the travel blogging community of India. Setting trends with every footstep, Shraddha is an inspiration for every closet travel blogger! In photo – Shraddha gazes at the horizon against the backdrop of a timeless Egypt. 

Nivi Selvaraj (@postcardchronicles) 

Nivi Selvaraj is a popular name in the Indian Instagram community. Her travels take her to intriguing places in this world and she pairs it ever so beautifully with anecdotes and rants that are relatable and at the same time, worth thinking about. Nivi’s travel guides are also another highlight, a recommended trait for anyone eager to start travel blogging. Follow her on Instagram to appreciate the unexplored beauty of this world. In Photo – Nivi captures Seoul (South Korea) in frame. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange