6 Reasons Why Travelling Is The Best Teacher

People from all across the world might have their differences, however, everyone will agree that traveling can nourish and enhance your life. Traveling has been known to affect one’s life so positively, that a simple solo trip can completely change an individual and his/her perspective towards life. Regular travelers will tell you the countless benefits of exploring this world, however, it’s for you to venture out and find your calling and ultimately let traveling change your life. Here are six ways traveling has been known to have a positive impact on your life! 

Better Physical Health 

It’s no mystery, but traveling has the biggest impact on your health. The more you put yourself out there, and the more you visit different countries, your health adapts to newer and tougher challenges. You will breathe freely once you start traveling, and you will develop a ruggedness that will pull your immunity to an all-time high. Also, if your traveling involves a lot of walking or cardio, then you’re sorted. Yes, exploring places on foot can improve your health drastically. 

Better Mental Health 

The majority of travelers swear by the positive effects of traveling on their mental health, and they aren’t exaggerating. Traveling can truly aid you in your fight against mental health illnesses like anxiety, depression, excessive paranoia, and even panic attacks. Not only does traveling distract you from spiraling down the same dreaded route in your head, but it also forces you to reach out and interact with different people from different places. All in all, you’ll be your calmest and your most stable self when you’re traveling. 

Boost in Self-Confidence 

A major perk of traveling or solo-traveling is the rise in self-confidence. Not only are you forced to think on your feet and adapt in horrible scenarios, but you also understand how to take care of yourself and not let anyone take advantage of you. When you’re in a different country with a language you don’t speak, you learn to read people and trust your intuition. All these factors amount to you being at your most confident self and tackling any issues which you might face in your life. 

New Skillset 

An underrated positive effect of traveling is the entirely new set of skills that you often develop. Most of the time, through adaptation, you’re forced to learn something new or let go of an old habit. If you’re a resident of a metropolitan city and you’re forced to sustain or even explore a rural part of any country, the first thing you’ll start picking up is the local dialect. Then comes the art of bargaining, along with cooking (local ingredients are a game-changer). If you’re hiking or trekking, you also learn the essential skills of setting up a tent, a campfire, and then surviving out in the wilderness. 

Humility, the Best Lesson 

Nothing puts you in your place like traveling; the world is an enormous place and traveling makes you realise your insignificant yet constant role in this world. The more you travel, the more you see new places, meet amazing people, and truly grasp the scope of planet Earth. Many people observe a remarkable sense of humility and gratitude once they start traveling frequently. We’re a part of the most beautiful planet in this galaxy, traveling will make you realise it. 

Understanding Yourself 

You travel to understand two things: the world and yourself. While the world is an ever-changing and ever-so-mysterious place, understanding yourself is a simpler yet necessary task. Traveling will help you to gauge your strengths and your weaknesses, and put you in scenarios where you can utilize both of them. Yes, traveling will make you realise that your weaknesses are often essential and helpful. Also, traveling will help you to understand people from different regions, thus firmly reflecting your knowledge of society and your role in it. 

Curated by Yashodhaan Burange 

Feature Image by Chris Rogers