5 Of The Most Beautiful Long Drive Routes in South India

Long drives Routes in South India are all about vast open stretches interspersed with forests and lakes! Sounds awesome. Don’t you think?

Imagine driving on an open highway, soaking in the scenic brilliance of the landscape on either side, and of course, that unavoidable “hair blowing in the wind” kind of feeling. It relaxes your mind and takes off all the earthly tensions that you carry around on your shoulders.

Whenever we think about long-drives, consciously or unconsciously, the Leh-Ladakh route squeezes in, and then that’s it! All the other options simply vanish after that! So, we have come all the way down to the South, and has brought for you 5 of the most beautiful long drive routes in South India.

1. Chennai to Pondicherry

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Known as the East Coast Road (ECR), and built along the Bay of Bengal, this route is considered as one of the best routes for long drives in India.

If one side of the road is packed with lush greenery, the other side is filled by the fabulous sea. As the day goes by, you will witness the changing reflections of the Sun on the sea water. This route is also popular for breakfast rides among bikers.

2. Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

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How about a road trip that begins with the sea, and ends with the hills? Magical? And mystical, to be precise! You will witness the picturesque meeting of the Bay of Bengal with the Eatsern Ghats, and a drive through the curvy hill roads are truly breathtaking.

It is often considered as a complete road trip, as one gets to witness the plains, beaches, and hills on the route. If you are a geography freak, you are in for a blast as this route comes directly out of your fantasy. Oh, Yeah!

3. Bangalore to Bandipur

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This is easily one of the most scenic as well as adventurous routes in South India. Scenic, because you get to explore the glory of countryside Bangalore. Adventurous, because you get to explore the dense woods of Bandipur National Park.

Always keep your cameras ready because once you are in Bandipur, you will surely spot some rare species of birds and animals. And also, Tigers!

4. Chennai to Munnar

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This one helluva chill-trip takes you through all the major destinations of Tamil Nadu before finally reaching Munnar.

Well maintained roads, the contrasting visuals, and the distant glory of the Western Ghats that moves towards you as you reach closer to Munnar is truly a sight to behold. The unending expanse of lush greenery, spiced up by scores of tea plantations is surely a treat for the eyes.

5. Bangalore to Goa

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This is one of the most popular routes among college students and IT professionals from Bangalore.

The route is truly alluring, and can even be called as life-changing. Waterfalls, dams, distant valleys, paddy fields, beaches, serene lakes, and whatnot; you have everything on the way from Bangalore to Goa. You will also get a chance to witness the glorious countryside Karnataka. 

Curated by: Kiran Reghunath