5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Singapore

A city with stunning skyscrapers, numerous gardens, dazzling nightlife, beautiful street views and friendly people, Singapore has been among the most popular destinations for travellers across the globe. The city offers more than one can imagine and if you are having second thoughts about your trip to this beautiful land, here are some unknown facts that will clear all doubts. 

A city of 63 islands

Panorama of Sentosa Island
(c) Flickr

This dazzling, lively city has as many as 62 offshore islands surrounding the main island. The largest of these is Sentosa, while other major islands include Pulau Ubin, St John’s Island and Sisters’ Islands. 

Singapore Zoo: World’s first night zoo

Singapore Zoo by Night
(c) Flickr

The first-ever night zoo in the world was opened in Singapore in 1994. The 35-hectare park offers a night safari. You have a chance to spot many of the 1,000 animals that the zoo inhabits. Take a tram ride to get an overview of the main attractions of the park. For a unique zoo trip experience, walk along the four interlinked trails within the park.

A city of man-made waterfalls

Jurong Bird Park on 27 July 2009
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The Jurong Bird Park got the world’s first man-made waterfall in 1971. Also touted as the world’s tallest waterfall in an aviary, it drops from a height of 30 meters. If you are already in awe then here is more to get you completely awe-struck! The city also has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. The 35 meters high fall is at the Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay.

The first F1 night race

Marina Bay, Singapore
(c) Flickr

Singapore is known for hosting Grand Prix and it scripted history when it first had world’s first Formula 1-night race. The brightly lit tracks look even more spectacular when cars zoom through them at night. Since 2008, the city has been entertaining F1 fans with it’s annual Grand Prix Season Singapore which features a wide range of racing and entertainment activities as well as concerts. The race is held at the twisty Marina Bay Street circuit. 

One of the world’s greenest cities

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Known for its charming gardens, Singapore is replete with lush greenery everywhere. About 700 square kilometres, which makes half of Singapore, is under green cover. 

(Curated by Priya Pareek)