Go Offbeat in Seychelles With These 5 Amazing Locations

Widely believed to be among the planet’s oldest islands, the archipelago of Seychelles is a beautiful blend of astonishing landscape and vibrant culture. Because of its delicious seafood, beautiful corals, or lush green jungles, the islands attract many tourists. However, just like a rabbit in the hat, the offbeat locations in Seychelles are sure to surprise you! From national parks to beaches, Seychelles is a tiny package that comprises of many wonderful things.

1. Victoria

The capital of this island nation is named after the British queen and it’s the only seaport that connects the country to the rest of the world. Museums, art galleries, handicraft markets, all line up here to create a very warm vibe for travellers who wish to mingle with the local culture. It’s also home to old colonial architecture, museums, and botanical gardens. The colourful markets that sell fruits and seafood deserve a visit especially if you want to explore the life of Seychelles.

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2. Anse Major

Its warm and shallow waters welcome you after the 1.5-hour hike, required to reach this secluded beach. It’s also accessible by the boat but hiking certainly makes it more thrilling, always! It’s located to the North West of Mahe and considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

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3. St. Anne National Marine Park, Mahe

Established in 1973, the national park is the first in the Indian Ocean which is at a distance of 5 km from Victoria. Made up of 8 small islands, the national park is famous for its vibrant underwater world which comprises of coral gardens, tropical fishes, and reef sharks. The national park is home to a rich collection of seagrass meadows – the flowering plants that are found only in a marine environment.

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4. Valle De Mai National Park

The national park is an abode to a pre-historic forest, which consists of plants like Chinese fans, Vanilla Orchids, Latanier, and Coco de Mer fruit palm. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also home to species like Seychelles Bulbul, Black Parrot, Lizards, and fruit pigeons. Finding offbeat locations in Seychelles can be tricky, but if you research properly, you will end up finding beautiful places like Valle De Mai National Park.

Credit – Wikimedia Commons

5. Morne Seychellois National Park

Completing the trinity of the national parks is the Morne Seychellois National Park, which happens to be the largest in Seychelles. Created in 1979, it covers a sprawling area of approximately 3000 hectares and is equipped with more than 15 km of the trail network. The highest peak in Seychelles, called Morne Seychellois is located in this national park. To explore the best of this place, it’s advised that you go on a guided walk and experience the flora and fauna of this park in the most immersive way. The trail also offers a magnificent view of Mahe’s south-west coast apart from the sprawling tea plantations on mountain slopes.

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Even though it’s a tiny country, Seychelles has a lot to offer especially because of its rich flora & fauna. For travellers seeking experience with nature, these offbeat locations in Seychelles can promise you a memorable trip to this quaint and peaceful place in the Indian Ocean.

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