4 Places in Switzerland that You Won’t Find in Any Itinerary

The beauty of Switzerland is that there is a lovely surprise awaiting you in every nook and corner of the county, be it its urban region or its remotest parts. Serenity seems to pervade the country rendering it with a dream-like character.

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If there is one country that exists even beyond the realms of imagination, it is Switzerland. It is a country that is a fairytale personified, a country where the song of nature casts its hypnotic spell. The sprawling green meadows, the magnificent Alps, and villages straight out of a painting combine to enthral and provide a veritable feast for the senses. 


The beauty of Switzerland is that there is a lovely surprise awaiting you in every nook and corner of the county, be it its urban region or its remotest parts. Serenity seems to pervade the country rendering it with a dream-like character. If you are looking to go off the beaten track and experience the enchanting beauty of Switzerland and feel its thrill, then here are a few that are sure to whet your appetite for more.

1. Rapperswil: Lose Yourself In Romance

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Rapperswil is a picturesque town that can be reached by a 40-minute train ride from Zurich. It is located on the shores of the Zurich lake. Another enchanting way to reach Rapperswil is to take a boat from Zurich and feast on the visual beauty of the little villages that dot the banks of the lake. It is a magical experience to stroll on the banks of the lake or simply sit on the benches beneath the beautiful trees that line the shore. Gazing out into the distance one can see trains making their way towards the mountains. As you lose yourself in the charm of the place, you are sure to lose all sense of time, such is the hypnotic beauty of the place. One can also walk along the medieval alleyways that criss-cross the town and lose oneself in its timeless beauty. Other attractions of Rapperswil include its beautiful rose gardens and a Polish history museum housed in an old castle that documents the history of the Polish diaspora. A visit to Rapperswil is an experience that takes you into the realms of dreams.

2. Uster Castle: Enjoy a stunning hike 

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Uster is a municipality in the Canton of Zurich. It is a quiet little town with delightful gardens, ethereal lakes, and a castle that was build around 1200 AD. It is a quaint little town where you wake up to the sound of the gongs of the Church tower or the bell of the watchtower. An experience not to be missed is to hike up to the old castle that stands on a hillock that overlooks the town of Uster. The hike itself takes you past beautiful little houses that seem straight out of a painting. You then pass emerald green meadows with cows grazing, a scene reminiscent of the book Heidi by Swiss author Johanna Spyri. The tower of the castle casts its imposing shadow as you reach the place. A small outdoor cafe nearby offers a welcome cup of coffee and maybe some of the famous Swiss Cheese which you can relish while watching the spectacular view that stretches out below. If you are there at sunset, watch the setting sun cast its kaleidoscopic colours across the green meadows and sink behind the hills in the distance.

3. Go-Karting In Zurich: Experience The Thrill

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Switzerland enchants with the natural beauty of its lakes, mountains, and rivers, but it also thrills you with many outdoor activities like skiing, trekking, etc. One activity that sends the adrenaline rushing is Go Karting and Zurich has some amazing indoor tracks for Go-Karting. There is one very close to the Zurich airport and one can race in the indoor track with friends and family. Go Karting in Zurich is definitely an activity full of thrills and definitely off the beaten track.

4. Zurich: Relish A Vegetarian Dinner

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Food in Switzerland is heavily loaded for Non-Vegetarians, the other thing that Indians would crave for is the zing of spice. When you are in Zurich and feel like some real vegetarian and Indian food then there is a unique restaurant that serves only vegetarian and vegan food. The restaurant has been operating since 1898 and also featured in the Guinness Book as the first vegetarian restaurant in the world. 

Hotel Hiltl has more than 500 dishes on offer. The buffet features many rows stacked with different dishes. The most intriguing and interesting part is that one can heap their plates with whatever takes their fancy and at the end, head to a counter where the plate is weighed. The bill is as per the weight! A place where you need to keep a watch not only on your weight but also on what is there in your plate.

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These are some experiences that Switzerland offers beyond the Alps and other mainstream attractions. Switzerland, of course, is a medley of experiences, and each vies with each other to enthral visitors.

Contributed by Voyager Sandy & Vijay