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These Are The 10 Safe Countries For Solo Female Travelers

Solo travel can be an extremely rewarding experience. While it can be a memory of a lifetime, when it’s time for your first solo trip, the prospect of exploring a new destination all on your own can seem scary. More so for female travelers. Hearing about all the unsafe places and incidents around you from loved ones or the internet may make the trip seem terrifying. Such stories can make it difficult to make a list of safe countries for solo female travellers.

The reality despite all of this is that while the entire experience can seem overwhelming, with the right place, a solo trip has the power to benefit you for a lifetime.  From factors that matter such as safety to sociability and even solitude, here are top 10 destinations where solo female travelling is much safer and calmer than others.


stunning streets of Finland
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If you are a nature lover at heart, Finland is the ideal destination for you. Ranked number one in terms of safety by the World Economic Forum in their report on Travel and Tourism Competitiveness, it is a favourite among solo travellers. The hospitality and warmth of the Finnish people has been a major reason for its reputation of being safe and tourist friendly. Loaded with free city events, shopping and music, the cities in Finland are every travellers’ delight.

New Zealand

quaint houses in New Zealand
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Known as the capital of the adventure world, it is the perfect destination for anyone who loves nature, sports or even both. With heavenly beaches and glaciers, New Zealand despite its small size boasts of an extremely diverse scenery. With a great recognition globally when it comes to women led initiatives, it is undoubtedly one of the best countries to backpack for women.


Picturesque locales of Canada
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Canada is known for its spectacular landscapes, well-planned cities and a cosmopolitan touch. Combining this varied range of scenery with its rights for women’s’ safety, it is the perfect international destination offering solo travel packages. If you are looking at a trip to a destination which can give you a taste of all the continents, then Canada is the perfect place for you.


snowy locations of Switzerland
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With its year-round adventure activities and rich scenery, this breathtaking destination has a wide variety of beautiful attractions. A country full of cultural diversity, it has been ranked as the seventh most peaceful country in the world as per the Global Peace Index(GPI). With a cosmopolitan landscape and a selection of wines that could put both France and Italy to shame, it is the ideal getaway for a solo trip.


beautiful towns of Austria
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For your first solo trip to Europe, nothing can beat the charm of planning a trip to Austria. On a trip here, explore the snow-capped mountain ranges or discover the unexplored villages in the interior parts of the country. The perfect destination to get a much-needed relaxing break, it is also one of the safest countries in Europe to travel alone. With an envious ranking of being globally recognised as the fourth best country to travel solo, you can never have enough of this dream destination.

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cultural attractions of Japan
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A perfect blend of traditions and unheard-of technology, the list of things to explore here is endless. Whether it’s the architectural marvels around the country, picturesque hiking trails or the mind-boggling variety of food and entertainment, it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most loved solo travelling destinations in the world. With an extremely low crime rate to add to the appeal, Japan ticks all the boxes for planning your solo trip.


popular landmarks of Australia
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With so much good cheer and beauty around you to appreciate, it is almost impossible to not find yourself making some new friends while hopping between cities. If you are someone who is looking at a trip to socialize and seek out new experiences without getting into any unsought for trouble, Australia is the place for you. The country otherwise known for its beautiful coastline, great food and southern lights. It filled with friendly people who are always on the pursuit of helping others over a great meal or a shared adventure.


stunning hospitality of Indonesia
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Gorgeous beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning viewpoints have made Indonesia a must for solo travellers in search of self-discovery. Friendly locals and top destinations like Bali make it a perfectly safe country to explore on your own. If you want to explore and experience the freedom of independent travel in a popular destination, then this needs to be a must do on your list.


flower fields of France
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It is rare to find a traveller who hasn’t yet daydreamed of a trip to France while sipping some gorgeous wine and lazing around in one of the most envied villas there. With a globally recognised high score for women’s rights and heavy fines for women harassment, it is one of the best destinations for your solo luxury trip.


popular locations of Iceland
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With a major part of the country’s surface covered in ice and active volcanoes, Iceland offers its visitors some truly magnificent sights. Solo female travellers can discover incredible natural beauty such as the black sand beaches and bucket-list worthy Northern lights. In terms of safety, it is also ranked as number one in the Global Peace Index(GPI) and has some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

While these are some top destinations where you are bound to feel safer than others, the world is not as scary as you think. With a positive attitude and a few basic precautions, the world can be yours to explore!

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