10 Reasons to Travel to Turkey Right Now

Turkey, as a travel destination, already has a huge fanbase. Home to historical alleys, unprecedented natural beauty and lip-smacking cuisine, Turkey is an enticing choice for travellers looking to explore the middle eastern lifestyle. Turkey is a transcontinental country, where the past seamlessly blends with the present and offers unforgettable experiences to all its visitors. If you are planning an international trip this year, then here is a list of 10 reasons why Turkey should be on the top of your list.

Pristine Beaches

Spend as much time as you want on the most amazing beaches of Turkey. From lazy mornings to raging night parties, Turkish beaches are a slice of heaven you cannot miss. It is a country that experiences almost six months of summertime, and therefore, is perfect for chilled-out beach vacations. Experience the best of these beaches on a laid back cruise on the tranquil waters, along the Aegean Coast.

Unlimited Adventure


It is generally believed that in a country like Turkey, which steeped deep in history, it is hard to find adventurous activities. However, Turkey is not just about exploring a new culture and lifestyle; it is about enjoying every moment to the fullest. Be it water sports, hot air ballooning, hiking or skiing, this place has something in store for every kind of adventure enthusiast.

Historical Sites

The Middle Eastern country has thousands of year’s history buried in its archaeological sites for you. The country saw many rulers come and go, and stories on each one of them are available for you to explore. Explore Turkish history in its underground cities, palaces, monuments and mosques. Some of the must-visit historical sites are Cappadocia, City of Troy, Ephesus, and St. Peter’s cave.

Unprecedented Natural Attractions


A visit to this country is not just about exploring the bustling cities; Travellers from all around the world visit Turkey for the peaceful escapes it has to offer. Endowed with diverse topography, Turkey is home to some stunning natural wonders that are nowhere to be found. From salt terraces of Pammukale to the surreal terrains of Cappadocia, the list of such natural wonders in Turkey is never-ending.

Fascinating Museums

Turkey has about 25,000 years of fascinating history. Museums here are a gateway to peep into the past of this beautiful country. The museums are home to the well-preserved historical findings. Here you can get to know about Turkey’s rich heritage and culture. There are many beautiful museums, but the ones that are a  must-visit are the Ottoman Palace Museum in Istanbul and Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep.


Another thing that makes Turkish lifestyle stand out is its traditional baths, Hamam. Travellers visiting this part of the world make it a point to experience the Turkish Hamams. Here is a chance for you to exfoliate the stress out, wash out all the negative energies and absorb in all the goodness Turkey has to offer. Hamam is the perfect way to relax and unwind in Turkey.

Turkish Cuisine


With its roots in the Ottoman Cuisine, Turkish cuisine is a mixed bag of delicious dishes inspired by different regional dishes. Its extraordinary culinary traditions are not just famous in its neighbouring countries but across the world. Turks are known for their impressive breakfast spreads and countless desserts. Dry fruits mixed with local spices are key to most of the Turkish dishes. Some of the must-taste dishes are Baklava and Şiş kebab.

Turkish tea and coffee


It is said that Turkish tea and coffee are an acquired taste, but it is one of the most complex flavours served in a cup. Turks love caffeine. It plays a significant part in Turkish culture and lifestyle. The general trend here is to have tea after meals.

Local Bazaars (Markets)

Ancient open-air markets are not a common sight in the western world.  Turkey is famous for its local markets, also known as bazaars. When exploring these bazaars, you will find that there is a shop for everything and anything. The country is known for its exotic perfumes, rugs, carpets and mosaic crockery, get a chance to buy some authentic souvenirs from the oldest markets of all, the Grand Bazaar.

Turkish Hospitality


Turks know how to make friends and have a good time. When in Turkey, do not think twice if you get invited for a cup of tea or snacks; it is a local culture here. People here love visitors; They try their best to make them comfortable. If you feel lost, take help from the locals. They might even give you a ride to your destination. Visit Turkey and experience their warm hospitality over a cup of Caj.