10 Reasons to Travel to Georgia Right Now

Georgia is a country with well-preserved artistic heritage and unique traditions. The natural beauty of the Eastern European gem draws back travellers over and over again. Adorned with Black Sea beaches and Caucasus Mountain Villages, Georgia is a progressive European country with a Caucasian spirit. Many travellers around the world have claimed that Georgia is the most underrated country and is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. For travellers who are planning an international trip in the coming months, Georgia makes a safe and perfect destination for vacations. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should visit Georgia right now.

Stunning Natural Landscape

Georgia’s diverse topography has made it an attractive spot for tourists looking for distinct natural landscapes. From deserts to mountains that experiences snowfall once every year, the country has it all. Home to stunning views of lakes, waterfalls and canyons, Georgia is a paradise for nature lovers. Beach bums can choose to enjoy their day at the Black Sea beach. Adventure enthusiasts can go for hiking and camping in the Caucasus Mountains.

Fascinating History


Georgia is home to numerous historical sites that depict the country’s age-old history, like the cave monastery of Georgia of the 12th-century. Formerly known as the Kingdom of Iberia, Georgia was a part of the ancient Silk Route. It was the 13th British colony and saw its independence after decades of torment. Along with this, Georgia is also home to the oldest evidence of human civilization in Europe. According to the scholars, there could be a difference of approximately one million years of civilization between Georgia and other European countries.

Awe-inspiring Architectures

With great history comes remarkable architecture. From ancient to modern, the country is packed with awe-inspiring architecture, especially in cities like Tbilisi, where both ancient ruins of the Soviet times and modern-day buildings coexist. If you are a fan of mosaics, then do no miss out on spots like Fabrika, which is adorned with the beautiful tiles.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites


With three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and two highest village settlements of Europe, Georgia makes an attractive tourist destination. The villages, namely, Ushguli and Bochorna are nestled in the surreal mountains, offers overwhelming panoramic views of the landscape. Upper Svaneti, where Ushguli settlement is located, has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unmatched beauty.


Just like Indian hospitality, Georgian hospitality is also world-famous. Georgians love visitors. The locals here are talkative, passionate and welcoming. On a trip to Georgia, it is almost definitive that you will be invited for lunch at a local’s home and treated with some delicious delicacies. 

Georgian cuisine 


Another reason to visit Georgia is its food. A must-try here is the national dish, Khinkali. Khinkali is a meat-based dish served in the form of dumplings. Georgians love for their guests has translated into a tradition, Supra, a feast offered to friends and family. The Georgian cuisine is a mix of Greek cuisine, Persian cuisine, Caucasian cuisine and home-grown ingredients. A popular dish to try here is Khachapuri, a cheese pie that is found in different variations across the country.

Wine is the Answer

Along with its extraordinary hospitality, Georgia is a specialist in wines. The country has been producing wine for the longest time, and it is also rumoured to have invented wine. If you are a wine lover, then head to Kakheti and stay-in for a day or two to taste and learn about the local wines.

The OG(original) Spa


Everyone loves a natural spa, and Abanotubani Sulfur Baths in Tbilisi is a perfect place to be after a full-day tour of the vibrant city. You can opt for either a public bath or a private bath. These natural baths are considered to be relaxing and rejuvenating. Apart from sulfur baths, the place also offers scrubs and massages.


When it comes to affordability, Georgia is cheaper than its neighbouring countries. Be it accommodation, restaurants or transport, everything here can be easily covered under $20 per day, which is a good bargain. Backpackers can easily cover the region at a lower budget than this.

Vibrant cities


The rich culture and heritage of Georgia make its cities lively and vibrant. The artistic corners, chaotic markets, packed restaurants and beautiful gardens, together create an old-world charm. Along with this, the exciting nightlife of the cities, make Georgia a complete package. Some of the must-visit cities are Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi.