10 Reasons to Travel to Azerbaijan Right Now

Located on the crossroads of the East and the West, Azerbaijan’s strategic location has helped the country to be on the map for all the significant events of the past. Home to a rich cultural and historical heritage, extraordinary hospitality, overwhelming landscapes and lip-smacking delicacies, Azerbaijan makes for an attractive tourist destination. Azerbaijan is a safe yet beautiful destination for travellers who are planning a vacation in the upcoming holiday months. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should visit Azerbaijan right now.

A Historical Treasure

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Adorned with remarkable ancient architecture, Azerbaijan is undoubtedly a historical gem. Home to several pieces of evidence from the stone age and first human civilisation, the country is one of the few places in the world to have a reserve of about 6000 drawings explaining animals and humans. The Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is dotted with some well-preserved monuments will take you back in the Bronze Age. If you are looking for a historical retreat, then Azerbaijan is just for you. 

Intriguing Mud Volcanoes

Azerbaijan is packed with fascinating locations. If you like to visit interesting, offbeat locations, then head to this country and get to pose with the unique Mud Volcanoes. It has been claimed by the scientists in NASA that the composition of these volcanoes is similar to the highlands of Mars. Azerbaijan has 350 of these mud volcanoes and has declared to preserve 23 of them. The mud volcanoes are recognised as the 5th natural wonder of the world.

Cultural Villages


Azerbaijan’s countryside has a lot in store. The traditional mountain villages in the Caucasus Mountains are home to several indigenous communities, namely, Laza, Xinaliq, Quba and many others. A visit to these villages will help you explore a distinct culture and lifestyle.  

Land of Fire Gods

Azerbaijan is one of the few countries that are rich in oil and gas. The abundance of natural resources led to a secret practice of burning the outlets of gas at the surface. This is the country of fire worshipers and temples. When in Azerbaijan, visit the ancient Zoroastrian temple of flame in Ategash. Another iconic location to visit is the Yanardag, the mountain whose side has been burning for many years. 

Caspian Sea

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Azerbaijan is located on the banks of the largest salt lake of the planet. A trip to the Absheron Coast of Azerbaijan is perfect for a beach vacation. Go for water sports, take a dip or sit back and enjoy the tranquil waters of the sea. 

Formula One Motor Race

Since 2017, the country has been hosting The Azerbaijan Grand Prix in the capital city of Baku. The race is held every year in the city circuit, which covers about 6km. The Grand Prix makes Azerbaijan an exciting destination for all the race fanatics all over the world.

Azerbaijan Cuisine

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With influences from both East and West, Azerbaijan’s cuisine is a melting point of various cuisines of the world with a slight inclination towards East. Homegrown saffron is one of the most important and commonly found ingredients in Azerbaijan cuisine. With varied climate, comes varied eating habits. This brings diversity in the local cuisine and hence, you will find different delicacies in different parts of Azerbaijan. 

Treatments at Naftalan Oil Resort

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Azerbaijan has used its abundance of oil to its benefit. Located in the Naftalan Town, amid its oil fields, is Naftalan Oil Resort. Known to provide healing treatments for about 70 diseases, this local oil has proven to have therapeutic properties. The hotels are mostly booked throughout the year and therefore requires pre-booking.

Best for Budget Trips

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When compared to other European countries, Azerbaijan is cheaper and a lot more affordable. Be it accommodation, restaurants or transport, everything here can be easily covered under $50 per day, which is a good bargain. Backpackers can easily cover the region at a lower budget than this. 

Easy Visa

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The recent introduction of E-Visa in the country has completely changed the dynamics of tourism in the country. No more long trips to embassies. You can get your visa in a mere three business days at an affordable price of $23.